ELEVATE your practice, ELEVATE your treatments plans, ELEVATE your patients retention and ELEVATE yourself & your communication

Discover the Art of Heart-Based Communication and Transform Your Practice

As an acupuncturist, you’ve honed your skills with needles, but what about with words? Your practice isn’t just about treatment – it’s about connection, trust, and guiding your patients to commit to their wellness journey. Elevate & Evolve is designed exclusively for acupuncturists like you, whether you’re starting out or seasoned, to master the art of communication.

With only 25 seats available, this exclusive workshop offers an intimate setting for personalized attention and optimal learning. Don’t miss the chance to transform your practice and enhance your patient relationships.


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The small group size creates a focused and immersive learning environment. Allows for a more engaging and interactive learning experience.


Who this course is for

Mastery of this ancient art threads into the tapestry of words, the harmony of patient rapport, and the intricate dance of guiding a patient’s journey from hesitant newcomer to dedicated advocate. It’s about deepening trust, nurturing understanding, and fostering commitment. 

Solid treatment plans

Do you struggle articulating clear, compelling treatment plans, leaving patients more confused than convinced?

Patient commitment

Do you have patients who resist committing to a long-term treatment plan, no matter how beneficial?

Practitioners looking to increase px numbers

Patient communication and 5 star service is the only way to increase px numbers. Do you track your patients? Do you know how many treatments they average? And do you know why they stopped treatment?

Increasing retention

Do you have difficulty ensuring patients return, with many falling off after just a few sessions?

Artful communication

The dance of tactfully redirecting conversations when patients become overly chatty or digress?

Heart to Heat communications

Do you stugggle to managing the balance between professional authority and compassionate listener? When you communicate from the heart, you empower your patients to trust in the healing journey you undertake together.

the business of acupuncture

What you will learn

Rapport Techniques

Easily & effortlessly connect and resonate with every patient. Every patient is a unique individual with distinct experiences, concerns, and expectations. Our rapport-building techniques equip you with the skills to resonate with a diverse patient base.

Shen to Shen communication

Heart-based communication to foster genuine connections with your patients. You'll transcend conventional dialogues and create an environment of openness & understanding.

Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any therapeutic relationship. In the world of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, it’s paramount for patients to believe in the process and in their practitioner. Our focus is on laying strong foundations from the very first interaction. From transparent discussions about treatment plans to being consistent in your approach, you’ll acquire strategies to foster an atmosphere of trust, ensuring your patients feel safe, valued, and understood.

Strategies for Future Bookings

The sustainability and growth of your practice depend on your ability to retain patients and encourage consistent appointments. Dive into a toolkit of strategies designed for future bookings—from educating patients on the benefits of continued treatments to creating loyalty programs or offering package deals. By implementing these strategies, you'll ensure a thriving practice with a steady influx of both returning and new patients.

Why This Workshop Is Different:

Elevate & Evolve is not just another generic communication workshop. It’s tailor-made for acupuncturists, addressing the unique challenges you face daily. Beyond just skills, you’ll adopt a new mindset, elevating your entire practice.


With nearly three decades in health care and an impressive track record in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Kirsten is not just an expert – she’s a transformative guide. Her extensive background spans TCM, NLP, and hypnosis.

Mornington Chinese Medicine: One of Australia’s premier Chinese medicine clinics, it testifies to Kirsten’s prowess, handling 250-300 patients weekly with a dedicated team.

But what truly sets Kirsten apart is her commitment to the heart-based approach. Her successes aren’t dollar-driven; they’re people-driven. Through world-class education opportunities ranging from one-on-one coaching, group sessions, to expansive workshops and retreats, Kirsten’s mission is clear: to elevate TCM practitioners in both their professional journey and personal growth.

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