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The place where practitioners come together to learn, collaborate and support each other

What is KW Academy


You don’t have to face the uncertainties of business or a practitioner on your own any more. KW Academy members are success oriented, like-minded individuals, working together on common goals, sharing knowledge and case studies

Expert mentorship

Take the guesswork out of running a business & treating women’s health. Stop wondering if you are on the right track. KW Academy members receive real world mentorship and guidance from Kirsten, plus from some of the most successful TCM practitioners in the country. Expert mentorship means you receive support, advice and guidance in a safe supportive environment. 


Feel supported in your values, challenged to create ecological change and learn from someone who’s best interest is you and your growth as a practitioner.

Upgrade your skillset

Learn from an expert in the field of Chinese Medicine Reproduction and Business Success

Success and outcomes focused

Creating and reaching your goals no matter how big they are or what they are. Feel & know that you are completely supported.

Who is the KW Academy for

The KW academy isn’t for everyone but it is for

New practitioners that are wanting to expand their skills in business and TCM..

Practitioner that have been out for a few years that are wanting to improve their career or to grow their practice.

Experienced Practitioners wanting to find some gold nuggets and hone their skills even more.

Practitioners who want insights into making their practice more aligned with their values, whilst getting better outcomes for their patients.

Practitioners that are seeking to mentoring and guidance to become driven and kick goals.

Practitioners wanting to optimise their earning potential and capacity make a difference in people’s lives.

It doesn’t matter what your current knowledge base is, where you are as a practitioner or how your business is performing, you can always improve. You can always learn more, become a better practitioner, create amazing outcomes and help more patients whilst you create a financially successful business.

KW Academy


The KW academy was built to reach more practitioners, to enable learning at your own pace and in your own time whilst still giving a monthly face to face interaction at the live Q&A to ask questions and be part of a tribe. Plus some added bonus material and guest speakers. My driving force to teach and foster practitioners to become not just ordinary but exceptional clinicians who also run financially abundant practices that deliver the highest standard of care to all patients.


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