clinician, business owner,
coach and author.


Kirsten has been involved in health care for nearly 30 years. For most of that time, she has been a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, dedicated to helping people resolve their fertility issues. In addition to her work as a TCM practitioner, Kirsten also has specialised skills in NLP and hypnosis.  

business owner

Kirsten owns and operates a number of Chinese medicine businesses, including Mornington Chinese Medicine, Alchemy herbs and a TCM coaching business called the KW Academy.

Mornington Chinese Medicine is one of Australia’s busiest Chinese medicine clinics, employing 8 TCM practitioners, 4 reception staff and servicing between 250 and 300 patients a week.

Alchemy Herbs

Alchemy is a high quality custom TCM herbal medicine range developed by Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers, designed to help Acupuncturist feel confident, simplify and speed up the prescription process.

The KW Academy is a place where TCM practitioners can come and learn the business of traditional Chinese medicine in a supportive and collegiate environment. To be inspired, collaborate with fellow practitioners, find support and open sharing of knowledge.

Wolfe Pyers Productions

When two powerhouse Chinese medicine practitioners come together only magic can happen.  Clare and Kirsten launched Wolfe Pyers Productions in 2016 and have produced the first ever International fertility conference IICMC in Australia, the Alchemy range of herbs, practitioners seminars and retreats.

coach | teacher

Kirsten provides world class education opportunities for TCM professionals interested in taking their clinical and business to the next level. Typical coaching experiences offered by Kirsten include one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, KW Academy as well as workshop/seminar presentations and retreats.


Kirsten is author of a book called ‘The Fertile Life Method’. Written for patients, ‘The Fertile Life Method’ is designed to help people understand how to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve fertility.

core values

Despite her significant business success, Kirsten’s core values remain heart-based, not dollar-based. This means she brings a warm and supportive approach to her work and has a great desire to see TCM practitioners succeed, both as professionals and as people.

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